last resort

Even the thought of using a public toilet is no less than a nightmare. Rarely is it a good experience. There have been times when almost all of us have had to use public toilets, not always by choice. Looking back on my past experiences with public toilets, all I can remember is smelly bathrooms, overflowing urine, broken flushes and undisposed sanitary napkins. Unlike mall bathrooms which are clean with all the needful things in place, like sanitary napkins, dustbins, proper soap and hand washes, public bathrooms are dirty and not well taken care of.


Even paying the meager fee of rupees 2 does seem like a lot as compared to the facilities we are provided with.


I only use the public restroom as the last resort and avoid it as much as possible, but the times that I had to, I used to stop breathing through my nose, lift all my clothes up and try as hard as I could not to touch any part of my body with the commode. Being a lady, our needs should be considered and public toilets should have better facilities and at least basic cleanliness.


Apart from the hygiene issue, another problem that I have faced is that in most public toilets, the charge for using the washroom is rupees 2, while for urinating, it is rupees 1, but even if you use the washroom for just urinating, they will charge you with rupees 2. Even though the amount is less, they are cheating us.


I sincerely hope that the public amenities, especially for women, will change soon for the better.

- Pritha Verma, Delhi Nov 23, 2015