Dawn to Dusk

I am a journalist with The New Indian Express in Hyderabad.


As a woman the only choice I have when I need attend to my nature calls is to wait till I reach my workplace, home, or my destination. It gets difficult, but over the years, with continuous practice and will power, I have mastered the act of self control and today I can hold my body's need to urinate for hours -- four at the top.


Besides this, while I was working on a short film while in college called -- Dawn to Dusk -- where the movie was centred on the theme, Women in Public Spaces we spoke to women vendors, road side sellers and women vegetable hawkers who spend their day on the road. While the Rythu Bazaar in Mehdipatnam has a Sulabh Complex, all the other women had to go attend their nature calls on nearby railway tracks, close to dustbins or on the sides of the roads, after dark. Women in migrant colony Bhoodevi Nagar, Secunderabad also have to attend to their body needs either before sunrise or after sunset.


On a personal level, travelling in bus is a task because the bus stops in the middle of the road, when a man wants to relieve himself. Women can choose to use the opportunity at their own risk. If you ask the driver to stop the vehicle for your need, he won't stop, because he doesn't want to take responsibility.


Rajitha Sanaka is a journalist with The New Indian Express in Hyderabad.

- Rajitha Sanaka, Hyderabad Nov 17, 2015