Toilets in the AP High Court

Women lawyers actually end up getting alot of exercise in the court because we walk about half a kilometer to reach the toilet. For some reason our toilets don’t have mugs and buckets, we only have water running out of the taps, this is the AP High Court, not even the trial courts. As far as clients are concerned, litigants in the court, I don’t think they even drink water in the courts. So you have to be very self-sufficient about your body in the courts.


Vasudha Nagaraj is a practicing lawyer with over 20 years of experience. She is associated with the Human Rights Forum and Anveshi Research Centre for Women’s Studies in Hyderabad. The above anecdote is taken from her talk at Do Din 2014, Hyderabad.

- Vasudha Nagaraj, Hyderabad Nov 17, 2015