'just a basic need'

Being a college student, I get to travel a lot in public buses. Along with a lot of pushing and balancing game that takes place in the bus, a person is demanded to have a lot of patience to reach the destination in the heavy city traffic. And what if, during such situation, nature’s call adds to it? Hell, right?! Yes, that’s what I get to face and I am sure many others who travel regularly by public transportation face it very frequently.


So, once when the pressure was at its peak and since public toilets are generally present in major bus stops, I got down at the Koti bus stop, and thankfully found a public toilet opposite to the Andhra Bank. Happy me, headed towards the toilet. But even before reaching toilet, from few meters away, a strong unbearable urine smell hit me. However, breathing at irregular intervals, I dared to enter the toilet. It was dingy, unclean and of course scary. I managed to spend a couple of minutes in the toilet to complete the job and then came rushing out of the toilet. It was not like accessing a ‘basic facility’, but was more like a punishment. After this incident, I never dared to use a Public Toilet again and I generally use only toilets available in the malls or restaurants. But again, since these are not available everywhere, like there is a home remedy to everything, I did eventually find such a solution i.e., ‘Avoid drinking water or drink very limited amount of water before traveling’. After all, drinking water is also ‘just a basic need’ which can be, surely ignored!


Anusha Matam is a Planner with iTrans, New Delhi.

- Anusha Matam, Hyderabad Nov 17, 2015