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On the road again... With my toilet woes again

I consider myself somewhat of an expert in taking journeys. Apart from packing well in advance, reaching the station or bus stand on time and boarding in an unhurried composed manner (none of which are true by t ...  View Full Story

- Inayat Singh Kakar, Mumbai Nov 25, 2015

'for emergency purposes only'

I have always been very conscious of washrooms/loos. Every time I went to a new school for an interview, I would look at the washroom and make an opinion about the school. Growing up in a city, public washrooms ...  View Full Story

- anonymous contribution, Delhi Nov 24, 2015

last resort

Even the thought of using a public toilet is no less than a nightmare. Rarely is it a good experience. There have been times when almost all of us have had to use public toilets, not always by choice. Looking ba ...  View Full Story

- Pritha Verma, Delhi Nov 23, 2015

Dawn to Dusk

I am a journalist with The New Indian Express in Hyderabad.   As a woman the only choice I have when I need attend to my nature calls is to wait till I reach my workplace, home ...  View Full Story

- Rajitha Sanaka, Hyderabad Nov 17, 2015

Toilets in the AP High Court

Women lawyers actually end up getting alot of exercise in the court because we walk about half a kilometer to reach the toilet. For some reason our toilets don’t have mugs and buckets, we only have water runni ...  View Full Story

- Vasudha Nagaraj, Hyderabad Nov 17, 2015

'What do the street vendors do?'

I live at Senapati Bapat Road, 500 meters away from the hotel Marriott. This road is always packed with people, mostly cars at all hours of the day. Since my college is on this road, I frequently visit the shops ...  View Full Story

- Sarayu Nandakumar, Pune Nov 17, 2015

Holding it in, staying unseen

In October 2014 I went for a rural camp visit to Kadarganj village where I had seen the problems of women without toilets in their houses. It was more a problem for the women folk than their male counterparts be ...  View Full Story

- Kunzes Wangmo, Kadargunj, Uttar Pradesh Nov 17, 2015

Toilets and Shame

From July 2013 to April 2014 my site for fieldwork was a slum known as Todapur Gas Godown near Rajendra Place in New Delhi. Regular meetings with women and children of the community helped me to explore their da ...  View Full Story

- Kunzes Wangmo, Todapur Nov 17, 2015

'every step was painful'

I live in Greater Noida and often have to travel long hours to reach anywhere. I also maintain a very good habit of drinking water very regularly but that makes me go to the washroom frequently. So knowing that ...  View Full Story

- Pakhi Sinha, Delhi Nov 17, 2015

'just a basic need'

Being a college student, I get to travel a lot in public buses. Along with a lot of pushing and balancing game that takes place in the bus, a person is demanded to have a lot of patience to reach the destination ...  View Full Story

- Anusha Matam, Hyderabad Nov 17, 2015

Of the 'common man' who refuses to shake hands with me :(

Yesterday, I started bleeding, as women of a certain age are wont to do every month. I groaned inwardly, because, well, menstrual cramps are a bummer, but also because the next day I was to go for a public mee ...  View Full Story

- Anindita Mukherjee, Hyderabad Nov 17, 2015