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This is a map of the unjust distribution of toilets for men and women. Switch tabs to see what it looks like for someone else. Click on a dot to view data on a specific toilet.
(The size of the dots indicates the number of toilet seats available.)

This data was collected through an audit conducted by the HUL team and some volunteers.

By ‘public toilet audit’, we mean a comprehensive survey of public toilets by an independent group of organisations or individuals. The results of an audit conducted by citizens can be a very effective way of holding the government accountable for the provision and quality of public amenities. Thus, you might be tempted to conduct an audit yourself. Perhaps, even for facilities other than toilets.

- Download our HANDY GUIDE TO AUDITING PUBLIC TOILETS to see some of the steps we recommend for designing your audit, based on our experience auditing public toilets in Hyderabad.
- Download our SAMPLE QUESTIONNAIRE for conducting the Audit.